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Abramak Information Technologies A.S., is an innovative company with its core competency in Integrated Communication Systems. As its main role being Communication Systems Integrator, Abramak provides modern technology (IP based), tailor made, wired/wireless voice and data communication solutions for new built or re-fit platforms.
In this regard, Abramak integrates any third party external or internal communication equipment such as -but not limited to- : Radios (VLF-HF-V/UHF), SatCom, Underwater/Electro-optical Communications, Tactical Data Link equipment through its own solutions such as Communication Control Management System and Multi Functional User Terminal Stations.
In addition Abramak provides, its own products such as Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) System, Telephone System, Message Handling System, IT Network systems.


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Anadolu Savunma

Anadolu Savunma (Defence) is a brand of Anadolu Group. Anadolu Savunma design, analysis, production and development activities in the range of 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 Armored/Unarmored Tactical Wheeled Truck. Anadolu Savunma carries out the production in the facilities which has open area of 300.000 square meters and a closed area of approximately 100.000 square meters. It also has one of Türkiye's first R & D centers. Anadolu Savunma provides after-sales service both in Türkiye with 91 different services and in more than 40 other countries.


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As a global technology leader, we have established an organization that delivers new experiences to our users all across the world. By investing into our highly diversified human asset, we keep growing in a sustainable and inspiring fashion.
A journey began with a radio communication device today took us to more than 500 various products and solutions that changed “status quo ante” in defense and security arena. Our ambitious global expansion strategy made us embracing investment opportunities in promising markets.
With the inspiration of our clients in 84 different countries, we start every new day with new ideas and dreams that encourage us to challenge technology boundaries. Striving for a better planet is our endless motivation.


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Founded in 1964, BMC embodies a 60-year experience of providing full-fledge, custom made solutions in the automotive and defense industries. BMC produces a wide range of commercial and military vehicles from buses and commercial trucks to mine resistant armored vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles and main battle tanks in 2 high capacity, modern production facilities located in Izmir and Sakarya. Thanks to BMC’s 3,000+ qualified staff member, each and every process is being in-house developed starting from the early R&D and design phase till its after sales services.


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Since 2005, CTech Information Technologies, Inc. (CTech) has offered products and solutions to various stakeholders in the fields of defense and security, aviation and space, telecom and broadcasting, communication, cyber security, modeling, and simulation, and has contracted on various projects.
CTech became a subsidiary of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) in 2018 and continues to grow rapidly. After this development, more than 200 personnel, mostly engineers, were employed. CTech headquarters is located at Technopark Istanbul campus in Pendik, Istanbul. Brunch office is located at Cyberpark campus in Bilkent in Ankara where is capital of Türkiye. CTech has a 4,000-square-meter infrastructure with a clean room, typesetting workshop, electronic laboratory, system integration test laboratory, warehouse, and production hall at headquarters. Our company also has the Production Permission Certificate from the Ministry of National Defense, the AS9100D Certificate, and the IS0-9001:2021 Certificate, as well as the National and NATO Confidential Facility Security Certificates. CTech’s activities rely on internationally accepted standards and approaches such as CMMI Level-3 quality standards, IEEE-12207 and MLL-STD-973. Moreover, infrastructure activities are continuing for the Manufacturing License Certificate and the AS9100 Certificate. For the ISO27001 Certificate, the infrastructure works have been completed, and certification is awaited.


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FNSS was established in 1988 in Ankara, Türkiye, and was initially aimed to address the specific Armored Combat Vehicle requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces. Today, FNSS becomes the leading designer and producer of tracked and wheeled armored combat vehicles, engineering vehicles and weapon systems having a global presence in various countries with offices and facilities. FNSS vehicles are in service with numerous countries around the world.
Thanks to its competent and dynamic workforce, FNSS offers innovative solutions during the entire product life cycle; from the design phase to the end of service life. Ever since the first roll-out in 1990, the Company has continuously improved its vehicle design and production capabilities in line with the requirements of its users. FNSS’ KAPLAN class tracked armored product family and PARS wheeled armored vehicles are poised to shape combat vehicle trends well into the 21st century.
FNSS designs and develops customized solutions to meet the requirements of each user. The key to FNSS’ success in delivering tailored products within requested time frames lies in its flexible approach to project management. This is complemented by its ability to orchestrate an extensive supply chain and a wide range of global partnerships.
FNSS has successfully engineered and supplied products addressing unique requirements such as Amphibious Armored Earthmover, Rapidly Deployed Amphibious Wet Wide Gap Crossing system and KAPLAN MT (Medium Weight Tank). These vehicles are the most recent samples of FNSS' user-centric business model that focuses on understanding the exact requirements and tailoring precision solutions.
FNSS products have been challenged by more than user endurance tests in the toughest conditions, and have proven themselves in combat missions. FNSS views user satisfaction as a permanent concept, and strives to ensure that its products serve beyond their life cycles by addressing any new needs that may emerge throughout their use. FNSS also makes a difference by generating significant value for its international users through localization packages that include employing local labor, establishing domestic supply chains, and providing in-country training and technology transfer. Building upon its 30-year heritage in the defense industry, FNSS continues to add value to its users by creating innovative solutions.


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Gökser has been established in 1982 and have been serving the reputable armies since 1987. We have been serving with special design electromechanical system/sub-system, turnkey Military camping area projects, Nato and Military standard climatization systems, Military fighter jet ground support systems and Military air bases. We have completed many turnkey Projects to the reputable armies. By trying to understand what the armies request is and trying to solve the problem, we make simple and easy to use products.


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Meteksan Defence is among the most reputable and well-respected companies in Turkish Defense Industry, part of Bilkent Holding which is the largest industrial group in Ankara, Türkiye and privately held.
Meteksan Defence is specialized in Radar Systems, Perimeter Surveillance Systems, Underwater Acoustic Systems, Communication Systems, Laser & Electro-Optic Systems and Platform Simulators.
Our company is one of the suppliers of the Turkish Armed Forces, international customers and has been involved in several projects such as UAV’s, missile systems, attack helicopters, corvettes, underwater weapons systems and unmanned systems.
Our products are combat proven and currently operational in Türkiye by Turkish Armed Forces and other countries abroad in Europe, Middle East and Asia.


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MilSOFT Software Inc. was established in 1998 to operate in the fields of System Integration and Software Development. MilSOFT, which is 50% private equity and 50% SSTEK (100% Subsidiary of the Defense Industry Presidency), is the first CMMI-5 certified institution in Europe and Türkiye. With more than 250 employees, MilSOFT provides national and international products/services with Command Control Systems, Tactical Data Links & Messaging, Intelligence & Image Exploitation Systems, Electronic Warfare Modeling & Simulation, Information Technologies, Cyber Security, Autonomous Systems and Cloud Computing capabilities.


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PROİNO was established in 2015 and is an engineering company that produces customer-oriented solutions especially in the defense industry.
Our young and dynamic team is constantly working to keep up with the ever-changing and renewed technology. We provide our customers with result-oriented and complete solutions in accordance with international standards.
- To be a preferred subsystem provider by developing patentable and innovative products that attract domestic and foreign System Integrators
- Design and development of subsystems with the latest technological developments for domestic and foreign System Integrators


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Sarsılmaz as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of firearms, ranging from pistols and revolvers to 12.7mm Heavy Machine Guns, is in manufacturing business since 1880.
Sarsılmaz state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology available in CNC machining equipment, including eleven-axis mills and robotic cells that are a showcase of modern manufacturing. Continuous investments into R&D, technologically advanced equipment and expanding product lines have resulted in the company’s ability to produce outstanding pistols, revolvers, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles and machine guns for customers in over 80 countries’ needs.
Considering that Türkiye has the second largest army in NATO, Sarsılmaz takes great pride in being the major supplier of pistols for the Turkish National Police and the Turkish Armed Forces. Sarsılmaz is also producing within the scope of the National Pistol and National Infantry Rifle Projects of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Presidency of Defense Industries.
SAR9 model, which is developed by Sarsılmaz in line with the needs of Turkish security forces and soldiers, was awarded the 'Readers' Choice Gold Award' in the pistol category of Tactical Retailer magazine, one of the leading publications in the USA. SAR 9X, won the 'Best Gun of the Year 2020' award in the 'Editors' Choice Award' organized by On Target magazine, one of the highest rated firearms magazines in the USA.
Sarsılmaz, one of the world's leading firearms manufacturers, with its uncompromising understanding of quality and knowledge; has the largest firearms production facility in Europe with its 65,000 m² open and 38,000 m² closed factory. All production is made with the latest technological systems that ensure high efficiency and quality.
Sarsılmaz attaches great importance to R&D with the power to follow scientific developments and innovations and the desire to realize what is undone before. Sarsılmaz R&D Center is the first R&D center in the light weapons industry to be certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in Türkiye. Joint projects are carried out with Türkiye's leading scientific institutions and universities. On the other hand, the existing products of Sarsılmaz are also adapted to technological developments and innovations through R&D studies.
Opening its production capabilities to the aviation industry in 2013, Sarsılmaz manufactures for world giants such as Sikorsky, BOEING, Agusta Westland, TAI and TEI.
Sarsılmaz, with the awareness of being the leading brand of the arms sector, works to bring value-added products to Türkiye.
Innovative production approach based on R&D and P&D activities is one of the keystones of Sarsılmaz's goal to become a recognized brand all over the world. Sarsılmaz, with its efforts to adapt to “Industry 4.0”, which it continues with great speed, it meets not only the current requirements, but also the requirements of the future.
Sarsılmaz is based on unconditional customer satisfaction in qualified products manufactured in accordance with the requirements of military units, security forces, aviation companies and civilian users from different countries of the world.
Sarsılmaz aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level not only at the production stage, but also with after-sales support.


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STM was established in 1991 with the purpose of providing system engineering, technical support, project management, and technology transfer and logistic support services; developing software technologies for civilian and military systems; and building and operating computer centres for software development and maintenance.
STM has played a leading role in contributing to today’s level of national competence in the Turkish Defence Industry by employing highly qualified expert personnel as needed for identifying and procuring high-tech defence systems and ensuring the transfer of relevant technologies.
Through the passing years, our technological knowledge and institutional engineering experience, have become extensive; and as of today have expanded to cover many projects and areas of expertise.
The engineering experience STM has gained has paved the way for the company’s participation in various defence industry projects focusing on software and platforms, hence initiating the process of building a variety of business areas in addition to STM’s consulting services.


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TAIS Shipyards was created by three leading Turkish private shipyards (ANADOLU, SEDEF, SEFINE Shipyards) who have supplied most of the needs of the Turkish Navy in the last twenty years. Our range covers all the needs of a navy and/or coastguard from 16 m Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVPs) to 231 m Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) including frigates, corvettes, patrol boats, OPVs, fast combatants, force projection vessels, amphibious/landing platforms, special mission ships, training ships, logistics ships, floating docks and unmanned vehicles.


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TURAC, founded in 1987 as a native company, is a corporation engaging in manufacturing and marketing of small arms ammunition in Turkiye and all over the world, especially in the hunting&shooting sector as well as the defense industry.
TURAC, which started its initiate with the perspective “Always Forward...”, continues its projects at a fast pace in its modern production facilities with a NATO Facility Security Certificate, located on 440 decares in Cankırı. TURAC produces military graded small arms ammunition in the form of pistol cartridges (9x19mm, Parabellum FMJ, JHP, Subsonic, TFMJ) and rifle cartridges (5.56x45mm M193 / M855, 7.62x39mm mm M43, 7.62x51 mm M80, M61, M62) in NATO standards;7,65mm and 45 ACP and Luger FMJ 9x19mm pistol cartridges, .223 REM, 7,62x39 and .308 WIN rifle cartridges in CIP standards; as well as 12 calibers less-lethal series for law enforcement.
As the first and pioneering company in the Defense Industry, TURAC has been offering 9x19mm pistol cartridges to the use of the General Directorate of Security in Türkiye since 2013 with its STERLING registered brand. Likewise, TURAC has become the first private company that produced and delivered 9x19mm Pistol Cartridge to the Gendarmerie General Command and 5.56x45mm M855 cartridge to the Land Forces Command. Moreover, on the purpose of expanding its product range to include all calibers from 6.35mm to 12.7mm, TURAC keeps its R&D activities and investments with great speed and expert staff. It is also one of the two companies worldwide producing special ammunition produced using rubber, which is designed to be used effectively in the border security of countries, with low lethality and high deterrence.
In addition to the capability of meeting the needs of the security forces of our country, TURAC continues its export activities to 91 countries. TURAC has been responding to the needs of the security forces of nearly 20 countries for many years, primarily in Africa and the Middle East in the international market.


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Turkish Aerospace, ranking among the top hundred global players in the aerospace and defence industry, is the centre of technology in design, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration and life cycle support of integrated aerospace systems, from fixed and rotary wing air platforms to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems and space systems. Located in Ankara, TÜRKİYE, on a 4 million m2 area with a state-of-the-art industrial facility of approximately 710 thousand m2 under roof, furnished with high technology machinery and equipment that enables design, development, modernization and system integration with extensive manufacturing capabilities ranging from parts manufacturing to aircraft assembly, flight tests and delivery as a reliable solution provider to both military and commercial customers. “T129 ATAK” Multi Role Combat Helicopter, “T625 GÖKBEY” Multirole Utility Helicopter, “ANKA” MALE Class Multirole UAV System, “AKSUNGUR” MALE+ Class Multirole UAV System, “HÜRKUŞ” Advanced Trainer/Light Attack & Armed Reconnaissance Combat Aircraft, “HÜRJET” Advanced Jet Trainer/Light Attack Aircraft, “KAAN” Turkish 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft, Observation/Communication/Small-GEO Satellite Systems and Advanced Avionics Modernization are among Turkish Aerospace’s major products and activities.


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TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. (TEI)

TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) is an incorporated company established in 1985 as a joint venture of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc., General Electric (GE), Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) and Turkish Aeronautical Association (TAA). TEI, which has become an international manufacturer and a global design center today with the high quality products and services it offers to aviation industry, consistently moves forward step by step every day, accomplishing its corporate goals. TEI produced and delivered its first engine and engine parts in 1987, and since then, it has transferred production, assembly and testing technology of aircraft engine parts and modules to our country and also proved its success in global markets with its reliable, high quality production that meets international standards.
TEI, the leading aviation engines brand in Türkiye, established a strategic partnership and purchased 51% of the shares of Gür Metal in 2018 and Varzene Metal in 2021 in order to reduce foreign dependency of Türkiye.


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YAKUPOGLU / YDS was founded in 1927 and is located on a total of 130.000m² grounds, of which 100.000m² is a closed production area in Ankara / Türkiye. We have over 1500 skilled workers and 30 Engineers in our facilities. All products are manufactured and complying with European and NATO standards.
We have ISO EN 9001 Quality Assurance System Certificate, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, Laboratory Accreditation Certificate, membership of SATRA Laboratories and we are committed in improving our product quality. Our on going research program about the latest technology is designed to ensure that we follow up the new developments in the marketplace and to take necessary action in investing where needed.
Quality control is paramount in our fully equipped accredited laboratory and throughout the production process by means of Statistical Process Control. And with this in mind our employees always strive to improve our existing products and to develop new ones.
Our footwear production is specialized and has a profession in fields of MILITARY / POLICE / SECURITY and SAFETY / FIRE / RESCUE. We are always interested in diversifying and expanding our product line for the civilian market as well.
We start off by cutting out the leather and other raw materials, and then go on by sewing uppers, lasting and soling and carrying out all other processes under controlled conditions within our factory.
We have very wide range of Textile production; various garments for all type of climates (including extreme Cold Weather Garments), Various Uniforms, Gore-tex Breathable and Water Resistant Outerwear Products, Ammunition and Tactical Vests, Ballistic Protective Vests, Protective Garments, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Insulated Cold Climate Tents, Holsters, Gloves and Goggles.
With the help of Lectra Automatic Cutting System we can spread out production to minimize fabric consumption and to avoid errors and waste. This has improved our quality and increased the quantity while decreasing our costs.
We are the biggest supplier of Turkish Army / Police and Turkish Industrial Companies. We also have big volume export for our products both in Safety and Military / Police to world wide.
We can prove our products quality through the laboratory tests before production on raw materials and after production on finished products. We are using accredited laboratories (Teknoteks and Satra). All our products are complying with European Norms and NATO requirements. For Safety and Occupational Footwear, CE mark is attached on all products according to the required standards.
We are the biggest supplier of Turkish Armed Forces and also supplying our products worldwide more than 55 countries; such as UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Ukraine, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, several African countries.


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